I’m always grateful for a lot of people who help and accompany me to get through the challenges in my life. As an international student who had mild autism during childhood, I can relate to people’s feelings of suffering depression and mental stress. But thanks to my family and friends, especially my parents, who never give up on me and keep encouraging me, I have the courage to rise each time when I fall. And that became the reason that makes me choose to major in Psychology and work as an ambassador in the college’s student health center; I want to share the love that I have been receiving. And now I am so glad that I can be part of MHSA’s stakeholder group to serve and help more people! Nevertheless, I also feel very honored to work with so many elders who have been leading this meaningful institution for so long. In my life, I have met a lot of mentors who change my life, and now I have another opportunity to learn wisdom and life lessons from the inspiring elders in the group!