Victor Camberos was born in Fresno CA and lived there for 11 years before moving to a little city right next to Fresno called “Madera” and lived there for 3 years. He now lives in Alameda County in Oakland, CA. He moved from Madera back to Fresno due to personal family issues and made the ultimate decision after 4 more years of living in Fresno, to move to Oakland. Victor chose to move to Oakland due to mental issues and just wanted to finally take the initiative to better himself to live a more positive life.

Victor was diagnosed with manic depression and high anxiety at the age of 11. During his times of depression things got rough for him. He was dealing with his first heartbreak, he found it extremely hard to be out in public without his anxiety rising, and he tended to be his biggest enemy most of the time. As the years passed Victor noticed his depression and anxiety was worsening every single day to the point where he was seeking professional help, he was put on meds, but those didn’t help him the way they should have. Victor was also going through family issues with his mom. He never had the ideal relationship with his mom the way he wanted. He felt that he was neglected in the parent to child relationship he had with his mother. He noticed she was verbally, physically, and emotionally abusive instead of being a loving and caring mother.

Victor realized that he didn’t want to be depressed anymore, so he started paying attention more not to how he felt, but to understanding what it was that was causing him to feel the ways he did. He then realized that exercise was something that took his mind off the things that overwhelmed him. He found that exercise made him feel happy and relieved of all the emotions that would burden him. He then started looking into paintball as a coping method and hobby. He found alternative ways to deal with his depression and anxiety and began doing those two things any chance he got and it paid off seven years later.

Victor’s journey was successful because he learned how to overcome those struggles and realized he was happier after finding methods to support his mental health. Victor became a part of a community and started speaking out more whenever he needed help. He found safety and peace in those things and wasn’t fighting a battle against himself anymore. Victor is calmer now, he doesn’t try and hurt himself anymore and the most important thing, he now enjoys being a part of this world no matter what he struggles he went through. Victor’s life is an example that if you just take the time to really understand your mental health and find alternative ways to deal with it in a positive way, you too can live a easier life being at peace with yourself and doing what you love.