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Alameda County Behavioral Health

Alameda County Mental Health Services Act – Prop 63 / Special Projects

HHREC is consistently called upon as a valuable resource in assisting with projects that support Prop 63-The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). HHREC Special projects may include coordinating targeted outreach on behalf of county administrators, convening and facilitating focus groups, and creating outdoor media campaigns. HHREC provides hands on support to facilitate planning committees for conferences and symposiums. Recent conferences have included Alameda County’s Mental Health Technology Conference, MHSA’s Young Men Of Color Webinars, MHSA ACBH’s Community Listening Sessions, and Annual Community Input Surveys.

This diagram shows the spectrum of MHSA services from prevention through treatment and recovery.

What is the Mental Health Services Act?

More than two million Californians are affected by potentially disabling mental illnesses every year.

To address this, in 2004 voters passed Proposition 63, now known as the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). It places a 1 percent tax on personal income above $1 million. MHSA was designed to expand and transform the mental health system, while improving the quality of life for people living with mental health challenges. Consumers and their families were partners in the process, from drafting the MHSA to campaigning for its passage.

MHSA funds effective treatment, prevention and early intervention, outreach support services, and family involvement programs to increase access and reduce inequities for unserved, underserved, and inappropriately served populations.

MHSA Core Values

  • Community collaboration
  • Cultural competence
  • Consumer and family-driven services
  • Focus on wellness, recovery, resiliency
  • Integrated service experiences for clients and families

MHSA  Community Forums

The MHSA Forums are a safe space for BIPOC to come together and discuss issues and challenges facing the community. The MHSA program manager also helps with the annual ACBH Mental Health Technology Conference and community listening sessions.

A Sample of Past  Community Forums

Young Men of Color

Topic: Mental Health During the Pandemic

A Conversation About Health and Wellness

A Virtual Conversation About Healing From Trauma and PTSD

How to Handle a Stressful Environment as a Young Person of Color

Leadership and Professional Development

Attitude. Appearance. Ownership.

Office of Peer Support

HHREC assists the Office of Peer Support, formerly the Peers Organizing Community Change/Pool of Consumer Champions.

The Mission of the Office of Peer Support is to improve the quality of life for Alameda County residents who have mental health or mental health and substance use issues, in whatever settings they find themselves, and to provide the consumer perspective in Transforming Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services to a recovery vision that is consumer-driven, culturally responsive, and holistic in its services and supports. The Office of Peer Support pro­vides an empowered and informed voice: of, by, and for consumers in the behavioral health care system, related systems, and in the community.

Stories of Success

These stories highlight some of the ways Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) funding is improving the quality of life for Alameda County residents who live with a mental illness.

Sabrina Abong

Sabrina Catherine Abong is a 27 year-old foster youth activist. She takes part in the Youth Advisory Board of Oakland. Sabrina has had several articles published including mental health, resilience, role models, and more. She is a former foster youth, [...]

Robert Williams

Robert Williams, Program Manager of MHSA – Prop 63 & Special Projects

My name is Robert Williams and a little bit about me, growing up in the heart of San Francisco as a young latino boy, the mission district was where I grew up. I have had academic and mental health challenges affect my life in various ways such as; probation, foster care, and incarceration. I am now a young man of color who is the MHSA Program Manager at Health & Human Resource Education Center giving back to the county of Alameda

I have been integrated at a young age into different workforce programs such as Horizon’s Unlimited, BACR, CHALK, Ashland Reach Youth Center, Youth Uprising, and the Youth Employment Program. Moving around San Francisco to moving into Oakland has enabled me to learn how to maneuver and work in diverse environments across the Inner Bay-Area

Working alongside my supportive systems, I have over 10 years of personal, professional, and administrative experience when it comes to servicing at risk, level 5, and youth of color from all backgrounds. What drives me to do this kind of work is how I grew up, how I want to change the perspective, and to see change in my communities I have grown up in and have serviced.

I am the living proof that with the right guidance and supportive development, you can successfully create a healthy, striving, and uplifting young person through the non-profit model. My ultimate goal is to reach as many participants as I can to change their perspective on a positive outlook on life.

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