Community Based Learning

Community Based Learning and Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Program Manager works with multiple projects implemented under HHREC contracts with Alameda County Behavioral Health. This includes Community Based Learning (CBL) Training and the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Awareness Campaign which funds projects such as WISER, A Magazine for Older Adults. The TA Program Manager sits on several committees including PRIDE Coalition and Cultural Responsiveness.

Community Based Learning Training

In fast paced societies such as ours, it is important to stay up-to-date with advancements in behavioral health that benefit our communities. One such advancement is Alameda County’s Behavioral Health (ACBH) Community Based Learning (CBL) Training Program. This specialized program offers organizations in Alameda County the opportunity to receive FREE training on improving mental health outcomes for consumers and family members.

ACBH provides funding to support Alameda County systems partners and community-based providers in receiving free training. These valuable trainings are exclusively for our communities in order to build capacity to address mental health concerns and better serve the population of Alameda County.

Organizational CBL Trainings can be applied for on the website. General Registration CBL Trainings are offered to the community at large and individuals can register for them independently through the promotional link.

CBL Trainings are currently available for the following populations.

  • African Americans

  • Isolated Adults

  • Isolated Older Adults

  • Korean Older Adults

  • LGBTQI2-S (all age ranges)

  • Re-Entry Community
  • Vietnamese (all age ranges)

For more information, available trainings, or to apply for free training for your organization, visit the CBL page on the ACBH website.


A Magazine for Older Adults

WISER is a magazine for older adults that offers mental health wellness and resource information. We identify an older adult as ages 60 and over. We identify this time of life as being one of enjoyment and having the freedom to spend quality time with our loved ones and friends. It is a time when we can create a fulfilling schedule suited to our needs and desires.

HHREC Wiser: Lifetime Achievement

Wiser Magazine

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Contact TA Program Manager for information about HHREC’s current workshops for older adults.

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