Khantane Jackson


I am The Prince of Hearts. Love has always been the current that has carried me throughout my life. When I think of the question “Who am I”, nowadays the first thing that comes to my heart is love. I am beautiful and divine as is everyone around me. I no longer just think of [...]

Khantane Jackson2023-05-12T18:43:58+00:00

Nancy Nguyen


My name is Nancy Nguyen and I come from a Vietnamese immigrant family. I grew up in a town called Perris in southern California. Currently, I am studying integrative biology and public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. Ultimately, my goal is to attend medical school and become a physician who serves low-income communities [...]

Nancy Nguyen2023-05-12T18:42:37+00:00

Lupita Martinez


My name is Lupita Martinez and I'm from East Oakland CA. I was born in the city of San Francisco, but I grew up in Oakland and Fruitvale. I'm half Mexican, a quarter Salvadorian, and a quarter Nicaraguan. I have a younger brother and a baby sister who are my motivation and the reason I'm [...]

Lupita Martinez2023-05-12T18:40:36+00:00

Maria Guadalupe Zaragoza Barajas


My name is Maria Guadalupe Zaragoza Barajas, and I am an immigrant from Mexico. In 2010, my family moved to California, to escape a world of poverty, violence, and no education. I have lived in all parts of the Bay Area like many others that face high rents and evictions. I am passionate about healing [...]

Maria Guadalupe Zaragoza Barajas2023-05-12T18:41:14+00:00

Sara Rosenblatt


My name is Sara Rosenblatt, I’m currently a UC Berkeley student living in Berkeley. I was born in Annapolis Maryland, lived in Dallas Texas for 6 years, and moved near Sacramento (Roseville specifically) in 2011. This is my second year in Berkeley and it’s definitely more exciting than the past locations I’ve experienced. I’m the [...]

Sara Rosenblatt2023-05-12T18:37:24+00:00

Samu Tiavolo


Samu Tiavolo is a seventeen-year-old from Hayward, CA. He is currently a senior at Mt. Eden High School. He is the ASB Secretary, Polynesian Club president, and has served in his school leadership program for all four years of high school. Samu has the heart to serve the school and his peers. He also serves [...]

Samu Tiavolo2022-09-07T17:11:31+00:00

Dennis Hong


Dennis Hong is from Fremont, California where he spent most of his life and it's mostly a diverse population that connects to other cities in the Bay Area. Growing up “On The Spectrum”, Dennis has always been isolated mostly from his family and peers. He usually got into trouble and this was due to the [...]

Dennis Hong2022-09-01T19:12:48+00:00

Devynn A Trahan


Devynn A Trahan is a student athlete at Skyline High school in Oakland CA. He grew up near 23rd Avenue for most of his life. He went to Cleveland elementary school for his early developmental years. He then transferred to Edna Brewer Middle school which is when he started to play football. He attended a [...]

Devynn A Trahan2022-09-01T19:12:09+00:00

Victor Camberos


Victor Camberos was born in Fresno CA and lived there for 11 years before moving to a little city right next to Fresno called “Madera” and lived there for 3 years. He now lives in Alameda County in Oakland, CA. He moved from Madera back to Fresno due to personal family issues and made the [...]

Victor Camberos2022-09-01T19:11:30+00:00

Kalina Francois


Kalina Francois was born and raised in the Bay Area. She grew up in Oakland California and moved to Castro Valley California at the age of nine. Her childhood involved moving from a gentrified neighborhood in the Oakland Hills to a predominately white and Asian community. Being a black girl in such a setting was [...]

Kalina Francois2022-09-01T19:10:49+00:00

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